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Autumn is here and we hope you have had a successful start to 2018.

This time of year provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on where you've been...and where you're heading.

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We hope you enjoy our March newsletter!


Ivan Bakin

Closing your insurance gap

A fundamental personal finance trap is to assume that your super fund's default insurance cover is adequate for your circumstances. Chances are it isn't.


2018: A balancing act

Fidelity's Investment Director, Tom Stevenson, shares his thoughts on investing in 2018.


Beyond share prices

Investors shouldn't overlook that there are two components to sharemarket returns – dividend yield and capital gains (or losses).


Processed Foods: A Health Nightmare

With advances in technology, we are inundated with lots of different innovations to save time and make tasks less laborious. One area which has undergone huge changes within the latter part of the last century is food – what we eat, when we eat and how we prepare food.

Now more than ever we have access to food which has been prepared for us - in whole or in part. But is this a good thing?